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The Sideshow Tragedy (ATX) with RTB2


The Sideshow Tragedy 10:30
Austin Live Weekly put it this way: “Only having two members in the band, it’s hard to believe how much noise comes forth from the blues-rock duo, Sideshow Tragedy. Singleton has the stage presence of Iggy Pop and Keith Richards combined, and he wields his steel guitar like a warlock, playing overdriven riffs with a feral intensity.”
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RTB2 9:00
Birthed in Denton, TX, RTB2 is a volatile 2-piece which combines rock n' roll, soul, folk and creates an unpredictable, unparalleled sound to "channel the gale force of a Zeppelin, the angular angst of a Beefheart, and break it all down and reassemble at will" (Modern Luxury Magazine).