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Matthew and The Arrogant Sea / Wirewings


Matthew And The Arrogant Sea
Matthew and The Arrogant Sea (MATAS) is an Alt Folk / Psychedelic Pop act from Denton, TX. The band has received numerous accolades and notable press from around the globe, since its inception in the early 2000s. Heralded with praise from outlets such as Daytrotter, NME, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, Good Morning Texas, and NPR, alongside the exuberant praise from their national debut, Family, Family, Family, Meets the Magic Christian in 2008—being named one of the best records to be released in North Texas in the last decade. 

“This is the weird that comes from someone with a tuned-in brain that sidesteps the obvious and makes terrifically melodic and dense studies in idiosyncratic lives. It's the weird that you get when you're at peace with your weirdness, not the kind you get if you're completely unaware that there's anything at all odd about you. Gray seems like he could be a television and cinema junkie as well, pulling in ideas and fragments of ideas that suggest a short attention span, but one that's hungry for more content to mess around with. He sings of Martian petting zoos and romanticizes about standing around and holding hands as he and some her looked at the submarines. 
One of the most intriguing things that Matthew and The Arrogant Sea does is shirks generalities. No one is just coming to see someone. They're riding a broken bicycle. No one's doing anything that we normally think about, or are giving in other songs. These are very specific relics of something real and extremely graphic that happened, or tremendous musical novellas that have beginnings, middles, and ends—hearts and souls that are plump, weird and delicious.” -Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

From the fertile music scene of North Texas comes a band consumed with rhythm, atmosphere and energy – Wirewings. Rob Peters (vocals & guitar) and Tyler Walker (drums & electronics) formed Wirewings out of the ashes of their previous project, Raised By Tigers, and added Tyler Browder (keys) and Jarrod Greene (bass) to complete the band. With influences ranging from the hypnotic sounds of Blonde Redhead, Unwound, and Broadcast to krautrock, afro-beat, post-punk and post-rock influences, they've been tirelessly working away in the laboratory perfecting each chord, smack, crash, bloop and bleep.