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DEZI 5 / -topic / Tomkat

Dezi 5
Dezi 5 is a singer-songwriter and music art divo who encourages everyone to LOSE CONTROL! Dezi 5 has been taking flight locally with his fashion, music and performances. He is neither afraid or ashamed to encourage his listeners to LIVE FREE! He is a world class entertainer with high energy generating the style of SOUL POP. It’s the energy of our past, present, & future. Dezi 5 is proud to be a product of Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. 

Makes beats for rough weeks and rhymes for hard times.

Hailing from the ever-expanding music scene of Denton, Texas, TOMKAT offer a fresh take on modern popular music. The band is comprised of four graduates of the University of North Texas' music program, each with a unique and varied musical background. Though they had played music together for other projects, TOMKAT formed from a desire to find a more unique and creative musical outlet for their passion. Their unique blend of electronic elements with rock, pop, and R&B was born from the diverse musical backgrounds of its members.