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Bird Meets Winter / Coattails

Bird Meets Winter
Formed in the early months of 2011, Bird Meets Winter started out as a trio built atop the roots of folk, and have become a six-piece diving headfirst into the pool of rock and roll. Featuring James Canavan on guitars, Jordan Batson on banjo, guitars and vocals, Jon Harper on bass, Gerald Holt on drums, Adrien Wallace on vocals, and Joel Larner on keys and lead vocals, Bird Meets Winter embraces sounds that are euphoric, ethereal, melancholic, pretty and loud. This band is grown organically in Denton, Texas.

Formed in February of 2013, Coattails has quickly gained a notable local audience as well as a regional following. Their wall of sound hits you like a brick to the cranium and leaves their audience begging for more. Every. SIngle. Time.