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Skagg Phillips, Levees, Wesley Jensen


Skagg Philips 10:30
Raw Denton music from our favorite Harvest House Happy Hour 'ers.

Levees 9:00
Transported from the swamps of New Orleans to the deserts of San Antonio, Levees is a band grown from the creative landscape of brothers Kyle and Kody Anderson. These brothers have been sonically journeying together ever since they picked up their first guitars, and now their music draws inspiration from the two worlds they have lived in, combining the dark, ghostly blues of Louisiana with the southwestern spirit of Texas.

Wesley Jensen 8:00
Wesley Jensen recently moved from Northern California to the open skies of Denton, TX. His music is an embryonic sound burgeoning daily into panache emblematic of his modern & classical influences most commonly derivative of folk, experimental, or alternative genres. Lyrically, it is quite ordinary for Mr. Jensen to chronicle sought after questions, personal grief, doubts, relationships, and his refreshingly semi-optimistic worldview.